Looking for trouble?

Jon Savage is a natural trouble-maker and a maker of things…

I began as a filmmaker at a young age until my musical career unexpectedly exploded in the form of a globe-trotting rock band called Cassette. I’ve subsequently been:

– a commercials director
– a music producer,
– a DJ on South Africa’s national radio station, 5FM

– The music director of the SA Music Awards,
– the creator of the Xperia Mashlab phenomenon,
– a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine,
– a Cannes selected film director
– the Creative Director of the multiple Loerie and SAMA award winning production company, Thread.
– the creator of The Eye, global digital platform.

In addition to also being a composer for Pocket Love Studios (writing for commercials and film soundtracks), I have an awesome vinyl blog … check it at Needles From The Haystack

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